Kymberly has a great desire to support her community and the people within to have balance; not only physically and emotionally but also at the mental, psychological and spiritual level as well. She will do this through education about the effects stress has on the body and show you how to build your own toolbox to create a healthy approach to harmony in everyday life. This education involves body awareness, accessing the subconscious mind, benefits of meditation and gratitude, along with the need for laughter in the serious lives we tend to lead. Kymberly has found that stress related disease and the prevention of such disease to be the core of her ongoing work.

Kymberly has been a Registered Nurse for the past 22 years, a Certified and Registered Fitness Trainer/Personal Trainer for the past 10 years and after just completing her course this fall, will be working in the field as a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. Kymberly has always valued taking care of body and mind from all the different aspects of nursing she has experienced, and the people she has met throughout her training. Her new found education and passion for Holistic Coaching has identified that in order to have long healthy and happy lives, we must be proactive. Empowerment through knowledge and education is key in creating a life most of us truly desire.

Coming from a place of compassion and curiosity, Kymberly's goal is to assist those in making small adjustments, to reap large personal gains and maintain some balance in the everyday busy world. Kymberly would like to explore with you, how the “chaotic outer world” is affecting the much needed “balance of inner world” and work with you by making the mind and body connection through Hypnotherapy, Coaching, Fitness and Reiki

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself, the challenge is to silence the mind”

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Throughout Jenn’s 20+ years of professional experience she has interacted with many different people and has taken on many different roles. Those roles have included saleswomen, coach, nail technician, counsellor and intuitive listener.

Jenn’s career began in the corporate world where she witnessed the adverse health effects of stress within herself and those around her. As she saw how people were struggling to overcome issues that were deeply rooted in past experiences, Jenn set out to find healthy alternative solutions to every day challenges. Studying alternative health, she began to see how combined mind, body and spirit treatment was the most effective solution to healing. In May 2016 Jenn completed her certification as a Reiki Master and quickly saw how effective energy work can be.

A natural investigator and solution based person, Jenn still felt the “Mind” aspect of the treatment was incomplete. She was intrigued by the complexity of the mind and was driven to explore the deeper; “why” of behaviors. Believing in order to treat the problem you must first examine the root cause, Jenn was introduced to Hypnotherapy. The basis of Hypnotherapy shared her personal philosophy and resonated deeply; this was the missing piece of the puzzle. In September 2017 Jenn set out on her journey to become a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Healing the mind, body and spirit is the first step in empowering the soul. Jenn has made it her lifelong commitment to continuously learn and grow so she can share her knowledge and gifts to empower those around her.

“Connection is the energy between people when they feel seen, heard and valued – when they can give and receive without judgement”. – Brene Brown, PHD, LMSW

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If Melody were to leave this world today, her wish would be that everyone remembers her as kind. Kind to all things and beings.

Melody grew up on the coast of Vancouver Island with her mother, father, siblings and family dog. From her early childhood Melody was influenced by her mother to respect nature and influenced by her father to live sustainably. These influences created a perspective to all things filled with love and curiosity. Melody enjoys anything active from Yoga, equestrian sports to hiking the Juan De Fuca trail in 4 days. Having healthy relationships, whether they are professional or personal, has always been a top priority for Melody. Growing up with two older brothers and a great group of girl friends, Melody continues to learn how to cultivate those relationships and garner all the lessons and memories from these relationships. In her professional career Melody has been able to replicate those values with professional relationships and found a joy for helping other.

Melody Graduated high school in Sooke BC, where she enjoyed a summer off before entering college and completed her medical Office Assistant Certificate. Melody then went on to work for a Government funded home support agency learning a wide range of administrative skills. Eventually Melody moved into the private world of home support, where this opened the world of business to Melody.

One mission Melody has is to be happy and spread happiness. She does this by choosing to lead with a optimistic approach to anything she encounters and treat others the way she wishes to be treated. Over many years working in a health care setting, it has become obvious to Melody that health is not just physical, but involves mental and spiritual elements as well. With this realization, Melody commitment to herself to taking the time for the health concerns she may not ‘have seen’ but certainly could feel. Her own personal story will take you down a road of anxiety and a low sense of worth, which was all turned around by setting goals and intentions designed to promote harmony with mind, body and spirit. Once making the decision to acknowledge her ‘invisible’ health, she recognized a pattern of unfavourable behaviours that coincides with a lack of self care and not doing what she loves. With this discovery of her health needs and being true to her passions, she has been able to find a peaceful balance to work and life, along with skills to manage stress.

“Please don't think it was easy and that it is all finished, this as a lifelong practice and is humbled to know she is not alone” ~Melody