Do you feel stuck on your life path? Are you challenged with stress and anxiety? Maybe sleeping is no longer existent in your life? Do you have a specific goal in mind, like quitting smoking or losing weight? Maybe it’s working on perfecting your favorite sport for peak performance? Yet somehow you keep getting in your own way and wondering why the goal seems to be unattainable? If you answered yes to any of the above, know you are not alone. Hypnotherapy done correctly and therapeutically, by a well-trained professional, has a list of amazing benefits that can be ultimately life-changing.

Hypnotherapy can assist those individuals with:
 Life transitions, such as career changes or even loss
 Anxiety and depression
 Insomnia
 Past and Present Traumas
 Addictions like food and smoking
 Goal setting and Performance
 Complimenting a chronic pain regime and identifying contributing factors
 Much more…

What is Hypnosis and how can we assist you?
Many have seen the Stage Hypnotist and yes this is Hypnosis, but what we do is Hypnosis for Therapy; hence, Hypnotherapy. What our sessions provide for our clients are the tools and techniques to better guide them, through a focused and relaxed state for therapeutic benefit (kind of like meditation or daydreaming).

During the hypnotherapy session, we provide our clients with:
 Easier accessibility to the subconscious mind to re-create, and re-wire the part of the brain that is not serving a positive purpose for their personal growth
 Awareness to access and work on any non-serving beliefs that they may need tweaking
 Awareness to recycled patterns that are slowing down the evolution to that higher frequency you so desire
 Ability to re-write their individual story or establish a new set of beliefs that allow them to access the best version of themselves.
 New perspective on overcoming challenges that are blocking a positive life path

Hypnotherapy and the approach we honor is that of curiosity, and the space we hold for each person is with the upmost compassion and integrity, in a place without judgement for the purpose of optimal healing… No matter how sensitive the topic. We know that doing the same thing over and over will always end with the same results. Isn’t it time to get a new perspective and give you a new opportunity for transformation and personal growth? Contact us and let us know how we can be of assistance on your life journey.


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