What is Coaching?

Some see Coaching as seeking out that specific someone who can mentor them along a step by step process and following a well laid out plan, for a specific goal in mind in order to obtain success, typically in a certain time frame.

Maybe you see Coaching as we used to? A Goal with an end result, with only so much time to reach that goal and if I don’t follow the exact process and do it in the allotted time agreed upon, then I am a failure and I must have done something wrong? Know there is nothing wrong with you.

We agree that having specific goals, with timelines and a plan is necessary for success, but we sometimes forget that life just “happens” and we are also missing the other pieces to the puzzle to make the plan complete. To have a successful puzzle, so we can see our goals as we envisioned them complete, we must not ignore what else is needed in order to have long term success.

Our approach to Coaching is multifaceted. We believe that yes, a well laid out step by step process is necessary with a specific goal in mind, but sometimes life and our past experiences in life, end up hijacking the process and we get lost in that new process. We then end up with a new timeline and maybe even a new goal and we wonder why this distraction has come about and because we are so focused on the specific goal in mind, we consider we are not capable of attaining set goal. Know again there is nothing wrong with you. You are being given the process that is needed for you right now, at this moment. In order to be successful, we need to allow ourselves the given room to explore these distractions and bring them into the space as a gift to ourselves, a new awareness. These distractions offer us greater insight a lot of the time and we need to embrace them.

Our Coaching process involves step by step process based on your specific needs and desires, and we include the entire mind, body, spirit connection so that all aspects of your being are included and not ignored during the process. Sessions may vary and include guided meditations, energy work, muscle testing and other intuitive processes which can allow your inner guru to lead the way.
Our goal for you is to guide you through a process that has you accessing and fine tuning your inner wisdom for success, no matter what Coaching Goal you have in mind.

If this sounds like a place to get started on something new or re-visit goals from the past, contact us for a FREE consult.