No. 1 - Introduction

Here we are!  After a lengthy and thrilling journey of starting a business, Hypnotique Health is ready to open their doors and book your appointments! We respect your individuality and strive to offer a service that is your personal  ‘Transformation by Design’.

The reason behind opening a Wellness Clinic was the dream and hopes that each person at some point in their life,  will discover true peace and live life their way. In the world today the amount of pressure put upon us creates immense stress, and without the know how to manage that, it can eventually lead to “dissatisfaction” and disconnect”.  Whether you are living through grief, needing help overcoming fear or wanting a healthy work/life balance, the power of Energy Healing will be a gift to you. Between Jenn and Kym’s training and experience, they will be able to guild you on a path that can lead to harmony and balance.

Is it possible to believe something you cannot see?  Yes! Intentions can have a powerful impact on the outcome of your healing and goals. At Hypnotique Health we work with you to unlock the the power of your mind and channel your body's ‘energy hot spots’ looking for positivity and allowing for  healing. Negativity settling into the body, allows dis-ease to set in. Jenn and Kym can help you through many ways, assisting you to simply believe and have positivity and allow energy to flow through you to have the clarity that is needed for optimal healing.

Reiki, Life and Wellness Coaching, Fitness Coaching and Hypnotherapy performed by the passionate and knowledgeable Kym Nicholson and Jenn Chan are available to you through Hypnotique Health. You can book your appointment online!

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